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Life Learning Skills and Science

We are not your average daycare!


Gardening for Kiddos

Our little villagers can plant, grow, and harvest edible spices and herbs, in raised gardening beds inside the learning center.  Sweet basil and oregano for instance, that they can add to our spaghetti sauce they will have for lunch that day!  Flower seeds planted just in time for mothers day!


Life Skills and Learning

It is never too early to teach children the basics.  Our little Village believe life skills are important too!  Our little Villagers will get to experiment and have fun by making cookies or muffins.  Teaching measurements, chemical reactions, or just the simple question "Where does an egg come from?"  Each event will be age appropriate, so each and every group will take an awesome learning experience and get to enjoy a homemade treat as their daily snack! We will be able to utilize eggs from our own chickens.

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